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From our president

As I stand here tonight, I am truly humbled and honored to be the 22nd Chapter President of the Philippine Nurses Association of Northern California. I would like to acknowledge my predecessors before me, including the ones that are present here tonight and I hope that you can be proud of me for the next two years as I continue to improve what has been started many years ago. 

It is my goal to continue the mission and vision of this chapter.  We will continue to align the Philippine Nurses Association of America locally, internationally, and globally. My first priority is to concentrate on growing our membership. As a non-profit organization, we truly operate through membership recruitment and retainment. Our members are the foundation in building our organization. I value each of our members; their voice, their time, their passion, their commitment and their contributions. Their satisfaction as a member is most important to me. Transparency, respect, compassion are the keys to uplift our organization. When there is transparency, there is trust

My sincere gratitude to our Executive Board Members, Advisory Board Members, Members at large of PNANC and to all of you here tonight.  Thank you for your continued support. I would like to especially thank my family for their patience and tolerance as I embark on this two year journey with PNANC.

In closing, I will leave you this quote “It is not what you have. It is not what you don’t have. It is what you give.” Advocate. Create. Transform. And Make a Difference! 

In unity ,

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