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  • 21 September 2019 10:59 AM | Sol Azares Hafalia (Administrator)

    Calling all dancers for our end of summer Dinner and Dance to be held at Fort Mckinley Restaurant and Bar, Get ready to Boogie, Tango and Rock in Roll

    Shine PNANC Shine!!!

  • 18 December 2018 12:00 PM | Sol Azares Hafalia (Administrator)

    The year has gone by so quickly and year 2019 is now approaching. I have only been a president for only four months and it seems like a very long time and a lot has been accomplished in a very short time.  We had our members appreciation picnic, our fall conference, pasko ng bayanis, pasko for the seniors at the consulate, and our holiday gathering for our members and executive board. Thank you for your unconditional support and never ending participation.  

    Let's not forget the importance of celebrating the holiday season. Let's not forget our loved ones and friends that have passed on.  

    On behalf of my family, I would like to extend my warmest holiday greetings to you and yours.  May 2019 be more prosperous to everyone and may our membership continue to grow for the coming year. Cheers for the holiday!

    Merry Christmas!

    Sol Hafalia


  • 25 October 2018 2:53 PM | Peter-Reuben Calixto (Administrator)

    A record-breaking attendance of 101 registrants attended the most-recent annual PNANC  Fall Conference. adopting the theme, Advocacy Through Leadership, Influence and Inspiration, the participants rated the proceedings of the conference as  a conference that provided a good glimpse of the current clinical practice in Pain Management presented by Anne Hughes, RN PhD FAAN focusing on pain management in light of the opioid epidemic. Presented video clips of the epidemic that raised awareness of the severity of the current national dilemma. She provided tips on how to deal with the epidemics and provided a review of of how management of pain the the clinical setting prior to the development of policies and protocols that now serve as a guideline in pain management.

    Keynote Speaker Marlon Saria, RN PhD FAAN addressed Advocacy through his research focus of caregiving. He also emphasized the increasing role of the caregiver citing examples of difficulties that confront family-designated caregivers who not only need to cater to their family members' needs but more importantly focusing on the welfare of the caregiver who may be holding on to a full time job. Saria who is a recognized expert in oncology nursing having published multiple articles in widely-circulated national journals and have also written textbook chapters in Oncology nursing. 

    Louis Belicena, RN MS described the current myths of mental illness and the contemporary approaches in dealing with this issue which up to now is hidenly- accepted by patients and family members. Described depression, myths surrounding its current management and provided recommendations for current practice and the guidelines that is now practiced.

    A youthful looking, Rancelle Ablan, RN DNP NE-BC PHN presented, "Getting Up There Quickly: Is it a Curse or Inspiration? Ablan who has been the Director of Acute Services at Regional Medical Center has ascended the institution's hierarchy eight years after he graduated from the BSN program at San Jose State University. He presented the realities of his job and role and provided advise by responding to questions from participants wondering of his quick realization of his professional trajectory. 

    The program concluded with an inspirational topic, "Leadership Strategies in Inspiring Your Peer to Achieve" by former PNANC Presidents Estrella Manio and Peter-Reuben Calixto, a mentor-mentee tandem. They described their early days in the United States as new nurses, their involvement with professional nursing organizations particularly that of the Philippine Nurses Association of America.

    For the first time, participants completed their conference evaluation via the Survey Monkey and presented their completion of evaluation before they were issued their certificates.

    Remarkably, this conference attracted multiple students that comprised the major bulk of the attendees from Gurnick, San Jose State University and University of CA San Francisco.

    Fall Conference Materials

  • 29 September 2018 7:02 AM | Sol Azares Hafalia (Administrator)

    Thank you to all that came and celebrated with us! It was great to see all of you there!

    Together We Make a Difference!

    Please click here to view more photos and videos. If you have your own photos, please add to our shared album.  

  • 27 September 2018 3:02 PM | Sherie Hafalia (Administrator)


    Join Forces, Fight Back, Protect Our Families 

    For Immediate Release: Thursday, September 27, 2018, 1:30 p.m. 

    Contact: Sara Ying Rounsaville 415.300.5121 

    LEADERS JOIN FORCES AGAINST NEW POLICY TARGETING LEGAL IMMIGRANTS Proposed New Homeland Security Rule To Punish Families, Endanger Public Health 

    OAKLAND, CA – Thursday, September 27, 2018 – A broad coalition of elected officials, community leaders, patients, physicians, activists, and supporters are joining forces to lift their collective voice against a new policy that threatens the health, safety, and unity of civil society. The policy specifically goes after legal immigrants who play by the rules, pay taxes, and are contributing to society. They are now at risk if they have used vital public support benefits such as health care, food stamps, or housing assistance. 

    Announced this week by the Department of Homeland Security, the new proposal would punish and potentially separate millions of legal residents from their families by wrongfully denying them readmission or permanent residence.

    Assembly members Rob Bonta and David Chiu, Supervisor Wilma Chan, patients, physicians, together with health care, housing, and other safety net, civic engagement, and advocacy groups, are gathering today to speak out and fight back. 

    “It is unfair, it is dangerous, and it is not our American values. Our American values mean we live and breathe the reality that immigrants continue to strengthen our nation. Our shared ethos of hard work, caring for one another, and contributing for the greater good is what has defined the best part of our history and our vision for a united America.” said Sherry Hirota, CEO of Asian Health Services in Oakland California. 

    The complex rule has elected leaders, community groups, and health care, housing, and civic engagement activists concerned about the potential abuse by the Department Homeland Security to overstep its authority and unfairly punish legal immigrants. The rule would deny permanent “green card” status to immigrants who use vital public benefits, such as Medicaid, food stamps, medicine for the elderly, and Section 8 Public Housing. Just as inhumanely, it also calls for wealth, age, health, family status, and education to be weighed in who can come in, and who can stay. 

    More than 20 million children could be separated from their families, millions would be denied access to healthcare and would be forced to forgo food and nutritional support. Although the White House has not been able to garner Congressional support for restricting family immigration, this Homeland Security ruling intends to bypass both Congress and public opinion. 

    The law requires that the public must be granted the opportunity to weigh in. Community leaders anticipate hundreds of thousands of public comments against the proposal within 60 days of when it is released. Congress has the right and responsibility to rein in agency regulations such as this, and so the public comment process can stop the proposed rule. 

    Dr. Tung Nguyen said, “This is a fight we believe we can win. We are laser focused on three things to shut down this cruel and divisive proposed rule,” he emphasized. “One, we will submit hundreds of thousands of opposition statements during the 60-day public comment period, two, we are registering people to vote in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 6th and three, ultimately we are calling for Congress to block the rule.” 

    “Treating immigrants as public charges is based on the unfair principle that income and wealth determine one’s value to society,” said Hirota. “America is one nation built on the strength of immigrants. We are only as strong as the most vulnerable among us. We will not let the Trump policy agenda force families to choose between healthcare, stability, food they need, and their children and the people they love.” 

    Join us, #OneNation. Register to vote in the November 6, 2018 election, send in your opposition to the proposed rule at https://www.onenationaapi.com. More than a thousand groups across are opposing the proposed rule,


    Attachments ar
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  • 11 March 2015 5:33 AM | Sherie Hafalia (Administrator)

    Using the blog gadget, you can add a blog to our PNANC site to provide timely updates and information to your membership.

    By using Recent blog posts, you can display a list of the most recent blog posts, with links to the full posts. The list will include the date of each post and the name of the poster – with the name linking to their profile if available.

    For instructions on inserting, moving, and deleting gadgets, see Gadgets.

  • 11 March 2015 4:36 AM | Sherie Hafalia (Administrator)

    You can create as many different blogs as you wish. You can limit access to a blog by placing it on a restricted page. If you make the page public, you can still use the blog gadget settings to control functionality for visitors and members.

    You can read more about setting up blogs on our Blog help page.

    If you are looking on more information on how to use blog, you can find it here.

  • 11 March 2015 3:37 AM | Sherie Hafalia (Administrator)

    This is another sample blog entry. Members can can comment on your posts, and reply to comments. 

    You can learn more about setting up blog pages on our Blog help page.

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